d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 781-800

Haven’t done one of these in awhile!

This is yet another d20 list of plot hooks for that moment when you may need another side quest to distract your adventurers as you add on to your main campaign. Or perhaps you need a new idea to help lead your main story into another direction! Whichever the case, I can now say I have 800 ideas for you to either roll for or pick through!

If you wish to see other ideas for RPGHooks, NPCs, Loot, or the occasional RPSetting, feel, free to follow me on Twitter, as that is where I post my ideas as they come. As a fair warning, I am also highly guilty of sharing other ideas from the TTRPG/DnD community.


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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 781-800

  1. These lands are drenched in generations of blood spilled by war, yet settlers insist upon building a new holy city here. The residents dare not sleep, lest they witness thousands of still skirmishing souls in their dreams.
  2. An ancient Sorcerer does not have many years left in life. He knows it well. His current apprentice is failing to meet expectations. In fact, he finds more promise in his apprentice’s daughter, much to his student’s dismay.
  3. You are tasked to go inland and rescue both Merfolk and Selkies who were captured by slave traders and put up for auction. It’s no secret that the captives are kept in massive casks with lids only allowing for one’s head to poke out.
  4. A Halfling family moved in last year, making themselves at home and opened up a tavern. However, a gang of shady folk recently arrived, spreading rumors of the tavernkeep’s wife being a runaway contract killer. But is this true?
  5. This chapel is one of very few landmarks the party has seen in these lands. The priests are hospitable and offer some cots for the night, but the next morn you realize you and the others sleepwalked out of the chapel last night, leaving your gear behind!
  6. You are sent out by the Countess to find her sister, taken by pirates. When you find the ones responsible for the kidnapping, you find that the pirates, now a fleet of twelve ships strong, are being led by the kidnapped sister!
  7. Thanks to a cult of necromancers hiding out deep within the Ancient Wood, a curse of undeath corrupted the forest. A Centaur Cleric is all that is keeping the curse from seeping out of the wood, but his magic is not enough to keep himself from becoming infected. He requires aid.
  8. In the brackish swamp is a family of Merfolk. The elder reveals that she was once a refugee who broke free from a slave ring. She feels it is time for her children and grandchildren to swim for the sea. Will you guide them?
  9. A Viscount recently held a funeral for his beloved, yet his in-laws claim they saw the late wife wandering the halls of his estate. The Viscount quickly dismisses this as the wishful thinking of the bereaved, but what is going on?
  10. You are assigned to look into the disappearance of a scouting group who were sent to a mountain outpost. As you draw closer, you find the scouts fleeing from several Nightwalkers who were stalking the occupants of the outpost.
  11. Due to the passing of her late mother, an aristocrat is holding an estate auction to be rid of unwanted heirlooms. Some say the family dabbled in weaving enchantments once upon a time. Surely, these items should be safe, right?
  12. Investigating the rooms of missing children, you find numerous, but tiny claw marks. To your horror, Mirror Mephits drag children through the looking glass like a portal and break the mirrors once on the other side. They are the minions of the dreaded Mad Sorceress, Queen Alice.
  13. Along the road, you come across a group of teens hauling a hogtied Winged Kobold back to their village. With dreams of fame clouding their minds, they ignore their captive’s warnings; something about tending to a song dragon and feeding time.
  14. News has spread of a circle of Druids successfully cultivating an ancient plant to fruition despite its status as ‘extinct’. Unfortunately, rich gourmets want the entire plant for themselves and are willing to pay for live delivery.
  15. A race track is being constructed at the edge of the city. The narrow track and strange terrain begs the question of what is being raced. One of the younger workers pipes up with a wide grin, “We got Terrorbirds!”
  16. People flock to this spring shrine, where a blessed crystal statue purifies the water, curing the drinker of illness. Something has corrupted the stone, for if one drinks from the spring, they slowly crystallize into a statue.
  17. A nobleman seeks a healer to undo his beloved’s “Polymorph Curse” before they wed. Upon arrival, you learn there is no curse. She is simply a Selkie who wants nothing to do with him and wishes to return to the sea against his wishes.
  18. This county is unnerving. Whenever you drop into a town to rest, children already know tales of your latest adventures. The adults call it a coincidence that the stories they’ve been reading to their kids match your descriptions.
  19. As you wander the road, you are flagged down by a wounded yet well-dressed carriage driver. He and the rest of the funeral procession were beset by brigands! The bastards even stole the casket of the late Empress, body and all!
  20. Aristocratic Gourmets clamor to be on the guest list for an exclusive competitive restaurant. The owner has a team of top celebrity chefs for other chefs to challenge to a cookoff to feed the patrons!



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