d20 #NPC Folks : 141-160

The month of May is declared as #MerMay among the artist community [or #MechaMay if you are into Mechas]. As such, numerous artists shared their lovely Merfolk designs for all to enjoy.

But as for myself, I shared sea-related plot hooks, NPC ideas, and even a few artifacts. With NPC ideas outshining the hooks and loot, I present to you a d20 list of #MerMay2018 NPCs!

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d20 #NPC Folks : 141-160

  1. A Selkie is struck with an unusual curse. She feels compelled to mimic the appearance of those she becomes attached to, even if it resorts to stealing articles of clothing and jeweled accessories . This curse also applies to her humanoid form.
  2. While out at sea, you come across a commotion in the waters. Several Merfolk are racing about upon various steeds – hippocampus, a massive whelk, dolphin, a sea turtle, and other large marine creatures – to see which is best suited for battle.
  3. While searching the brig of the smuggler’s ship, you find an injured Merman Paladin soaking in a barrel. He hails from the Northstrand clan of Merfolk, now eighty nautical miles away. In his state, he’ll need help getting home.
  4. You come across a few teenage Merfolk practicing their magic in the river delta. They are apprentice Water Elementalists, manipulating the rushing waters several feet above the river, playing with its shape before it falls apart with a splash.
  5. There is an odd practice in this port town. Food scraps are dumped over the pier on a nightly basis. They claim it is to attract crabs for easier fishing. A Mermaid collects every bone she can find and slips away into the sea.
  6. A group of Yuan-Ti warriors are arguing with a caravan of Merfolk. The Yuan-Ti claim that the river is their territory and permission is required to pass, despite the Merfolk using the river as a trading route for generations.
  7. You are drawn to a lagoon where a Merman Bard is rehearsing with his Udu. His percussion work is marvelous, but something is off about his singing. Closer inspection reveals he recently suffered throat injury and is trying to retrain his voice.
  8. In the brackish swamp is a family of Merfolk. The elder reveals that she was once a refugee who broke free from a slave ring and took her kin with her as she fled. She feels it is time for her children and grandchildren to swim for the sea. Will you guide them?
  9. A trio of Mermen brothers are the town’s main supplier of shellfish and shell crafts. One creates jewelry and ornamental armor out of the shells. One enchants the crafts. One is usually out harvesting so he doesn’t pick fights with the fishers.
  10. Resting upon the rocky shore is a Selkie. She is wary of humans, for they are often fishermen. At the moment, she is waiting for the fishermen to pull up their nets and go away so she can get back to her journey, swimming north to colder waters.
  11. Guarding a clutch of Sea Dragon eggs is a wary Mermaid Druid. She knows very well it was adventurers like you who slew the mother of these eggs in cold blood. As such, she took it upon herself to ensure no harm befalls the clutch.
  12. There is a Merman Bard who is just as colorful physically as he is with his language as he tells wild tales of pirates and other seafaring folk. He takes great joy in turning his Vicious Mockeries into limericks and later working them into song.
  13. A cocky teenage Merman has a dinghy filled with scallop shells stuffed with various gifts. To receive a gift, he tells you an elaborate tale. Afterward, you guess if it’s true or false. If correct, you get a prize. If wrong, you get old tackle.
  14. Gossiping near the wharf is, well, a gossip of elder Mermaids. They spends their time weaving tapestries out of kelp and seaweed, decorating them with shells and lost fishing tackle. If you have time, they love trading stories with surface folk.
  15. An Arcane Tinkerer requires some mechanical assistance. In an effort to help Merfolk mingle with land dwellers, he is constructing wheelchairs equipped with a sprayer system to keep the Merfolk from drying out. He needs a hand to build faster.
  16. Beneath the bridge are Merfolk siblings. They carve Holy Symbols of Selûne from shells and bless them under the moonlight. To ensure a safe journey, they offer these Symbols to Captains and Sailors before they set out to sea.
  17. Retired from her days of grand adventure, a Mermaid Druid settled down to make an honest living by weaving sturdy seagrass crafts to sell: baskets, tapestries, hats, coffins, welcome mats, and even some furnishings incorporating driftwood.
  18. A young Mermaid is deeply focused upon her training to become a Druid. In truth, she dreams to someday be able to leave her fishy tail behind so she can fly among the clouds. However, she tends to overwork and overexert herself during training.
  19. In hopes of expanding the coral reefs, a Merman Druid has taken to creating statues out of neglected ship parts and sinking them to the bottom of the sea. Much to his dismay, the increased fish population has caught the attention of fishermen.
  20. You are discouraged from eating any calamari or octopus along this shoreline. A Mermaid Beastmaster resides in a nearby lagoon, where she rests with her cephalopod companions, basking in the sun’s warmth after long nights of keeping kelpies in check.

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