d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 721-740

Here’s the first list of Plot Seed ideas for 2018! Here’s looking forward to a new year of epic critical hits and catastrophically amusing critical fails! [Hey, they’re gonna happen regardless!] Many DMs are kicking off new campaigns this year, so here’s a list of ideas for any side quests you may require for your meandering adventurers!

My role-playing ideas are a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seed Ideas : 721-740

  1. Someone thought it was hilarious to replace a dozen doors within the Countess’s castle with Door Mimics. She promises to pay handsomely for their removal, given the hunters in question don’t simply resort to burning the entire castle down.
  2. With the draft taking most able-bodied citizens to war, the town is in disarray. Whilst the remaining adults try their best to keep the economy going, the young secretly have a fight club “just in case”. They need some serious training, though.
  3. Hailing from a neighboring country, the Viceroy boasts about the skills of the team of chefs he has brought with him, claiming they can sate even the pickiest gourmet’s palate. To prove this, he requires a team to obtain dangerous ingredients.
  4. The King sends you to his outlying villages to investigate why his tax collector has yet to return from them. Each village claims it was not a tax collector, but “the Prince” who paid a visit and was showered with gifts. The King has no heir.
  5. You are approached by a representative of the Merchant’s Guild. A foreign merchant brings crystal jewelry to sell at the square. The guild is suspicious of how frequently she acquires her goods. You’ll be paid well for a discreet investigation.
  6. Strange runic graffiti has been popping up in obscure areas of the city. Whoever is making these is absolutely obsessed with fractal designs. When pieced together, they form an intricate map. Worryingly, they radiate with an alluring dark energy.
  7. You are advised to steer clear of the villages near the southern peaks. The villagers are good people during the summer, but something about the arrival of snow triggers a blood lust and a need to see ruby splatters upon freshly powdered grounds.
  8. A delicacy among the rich is foie gras harvested from Dire Geese. The ranch this fine feast hails from is in dire need of assistance, for their overgrown livestock has broken out and is terrorizing the countryside! Capture them if you can!
  9. Paranoid of criminals breaking into his mother’s home and store, an Artificer turned her mannequins into sentinels that come alive at night. He has gone into hiding, for a fellow merchant who was courting his mother tried to sneak in to see her.
  10. The Academy asks you to accompany a pair of Aarakocra sisters as they explore ancient ruins. They are more focused on clearing out monster infestations so their brothers – and any future scholars – can study the remaining artifacts undisturbed.
  11. A company of Warlocks are dead set on creating a hub where one can travel freely between Planes. Not that they’ve informed their construction crew. Or anyone in the Planes they insist on connecting together like this. What can possibly go right?
  12. You have learned that the Duchess managed to get her hands on a clutch of Glass Wyrm eggs. The Baron from the neighboring county has also learned of her acquisition. Do you help the Baron steal the eggs or the Duchess protect them from him?
  13. Rumor has it the Baron has been trying to negotiate an alliance with the neighboring Centaur tribes. However, it has not been going to plan. The tribes are at odds with one another over an old oath that was shattered a generation ago.
  14. This town is wary of adventurers, but they still seek your help. The last party who came through helped them with their mountain lion problems, but dissatisfied with raw silver ores from the mines as a reward, their Necromancer Raised the lions they had slain.
  15. A retired Sailor has taken up whittling as a hobby to make some spare change. His crafts are often inspired by critters he saw during his sailing years. He’s noticed some of his sold creations reappear in his home, often holding something shiny.
  16. Dwarves have reported Deep Gnome sightings within the winding caverns. The reports claim they are training Giant Bats to carry Archers during flight, but have had no such luck with carrying Mages. Still, the Dwarves want to put a stop to this.
  17. An orphanage’s matron arrives at the palace, bringing teens to join the military. This practice isn’t unusual. What IS unusual is a lad among the group bearing a striking resemblance to the late Queen. The King wants to investigate his origins.
  18. Six centuries ago, the King’s Keep was besieged during the war. Though the inhabitants of the keep fell, the raiders were quickly slain by Armed Sentinels. They still guard the keep for their fallen king, but there’s wondrous treasures within!
  19. You are sent into the mountains to find the source of the noise that has been spooking the villagers the past few nights. To your surprise, you come across a band of grieving Gnoll Bards playing an elegy for a fallen band member. They claim a Hunter from the village shot her down.
  20. A morning of joy turned into a week of neurotic dread as the town Seer caught a glimpse of their land – their home – engulfed in flames. An army marches in from the West. Perhaps you can still prevent this terrifying outcome. Fight, flee, or negotiate?

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