d20 #NPC Folks : 61-80

A place can feel devoid of life without other characters occupying the place. If you’re having trouble coming up with an interesting quirk, trait, or story for an NPC, give some of these a try!

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d20 #DnDNPC Folks : 61-80

  1. Unfortunately, the barmaids are more than familiar with the Kobold and his Monitor Lizard. He casually invites both ladies and gents who take an interest in such an exotic pet. Can’t help himself, asking, “Care to touch my lizard?”
  2. Depression claims an Elven Monk. A dear friend of hers – a seasoned and well known Swordsman at that – was betrothed to the Princess as a reward for saving the kingdom. All before the Monk could confess her feelings for him.
  3. Lady Cadmia is a renowned Tiefling chef, fully enjoying her job from the hunt, to the butcher block, through the kitchen, all the way to the plate.
  4. The Beastmaster before you spins wild stories about the unforgiving wilderness of a country he hails from, an entire ocean away. The furry companions he calls ‘Kangaroos’ relish his attention, though won’t turn down politely offered veggies.
  5. A Werewolf is distraught at her beloved’s decision to also contract Lycanthropy instead of helping her find a cure.
  6. The town Alchemist is a cheerful Kenku who adores music. She picked up most of her speech from many minstrels who frequent the town square. As a direct result, her transactions and banter tend to be melodious and her mood is expressed by song.
  7. Your contact’s location lies with a Tabaxi monk. He is charged with feeding and tending to the Empress’s cranes.
  8. A trio of Merfolk Elementalists use their talents to travel around the world, even across dry land. Souvenirs dangle from their chain belts. They love trading stories with fellow adventurers, given they’ve proven themselves as the real deal.
  9. The Ranger coddled her Ferret as she continued. “You should’ve seen it! Ezra took that potion all the way across the dock, ignored the pirates shooting at us, and made it to that soldier without a scratch! The little guy’s a hero!”
  10. Much to your dismay, you learn your Drow contact is mute. You’ll need to track down someone who Signs fluently.
  11. It doesn’t take one bad day for the Maceman to completely turn a tavern inside-out with a furious bar fight. All it takes is a fourth tankard of ale. Most are too soused to decline his offer to brawl, but at least he asks first.
  12. The local ‘Cat Lady’ is a Feline Lamia who takes care of the city’s stray cats. She is understandably protective.
  13. A loyal, soft-spoken Paladin regrets the blood she spilled during her servitude. Confessions and prayer cannot cleanse this from her hands and conscience.
  14. The Half-Orc has very little patience for Elvenkind. All he wants after a long night of guarding the castle walls is a pint and a pipe of tobacco with his breakfast. Elves whining about the leaf he smokes easily makes him snap.
  15. You come across a Harpy trying to nurse her broken wing. She’s exhausted from being battered by last night’s storm.
  16. The Temple’s Grandmaster isolated himself for a week, bereaved after learning his apprentice died saving his life during a raid. Upon emerging from the temple, he revoked his claim to the title and seeks a new master to train under.
  17. At the end of the bar sits a Mouseling scholar. She was listening in on your group and their trifles during your last few visits. Realizing you are in a pickle, she hops down from her stool and offers assistance as a strategist.
  18. Twin Seers are well known for their livid visions, but they are only truly accurate when they both scry together.
  19. The sorrowful Druid wandering the charred wood has little interest in speaking. The villagers say he recently lost his friends in the forest fire, many Fauns and Briarborn. Despite their absence, he tries to restore the forest in their memory.
  20. A young farmhand claims to understand praying mantises. As a result, he has dirt on every single person in town.

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