d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 361-380

A bit of a mixed bag this time. Will your players be lucky? Or does Miss Fortune laugh at their misery? Their fate lies with you.

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 361-380

  1. A Duelist is drunk as a skunk but keeps challenging bar patrons to bets and duels. And keeps consistently winning.
  2. You’ve barely stepped foot in this castle and you’re already banned from the West Wing. But what’s in there?
  3. The Baron declares today a hunting holiday!
  4. A young Necromancer stands in his hometown, surrounded by zombified villagers. He pleads to the party to help him reverse this.
  5. Someone has been wandering around town and impersonating a party member.
  6. You have walked in on a Fey party! They invite you to partake in the celebration and have some food and drink!
  7. A shady punk approaches the party. “You guys look like you like trouble. Lemme give you a bit of advice…”
  8. The party awakens in a Giant’s play room. Everyone is stripped of their gear and dressed appropriately as dolls.
  9. A Lizardwoman stumbles across the party, clutching her egg. She warns you of the local slavers’ ruthlessness.
  10. Gnolls were hired on to sniff out a drug lord’s lair. They’re finding far more than just drugs…
  11. The High Priestess fell into a trance whilst communing with her god. That was four days ago. She’s yet to wake.
  12. Bandits have figured out how to replicate the trade caravans’ distress calls. As a result, they are better geared.
  13. A group of Marauders are trying to sneak Dragon Eggs to the docks.
  14. Despite the town not wanting their help, Lizardfolk have taken it upon themselves to track down the lost miners.
  15. A party member is a gang’s prime target after breaking up a shakedown.
  16. The King’s most recent acquisition is a Djinn’s lamp. A gang in the slums plans a heist to snatch it away!
  17. A troupe of famous Dancers and Bards are performing in town! Naturally, Pickpockets flock to join the crowds.
  18. The Sheriff is quick to blame the town’s troubles on any and all spell casters. Including the ones in the party.
  19. A Necromancer’s running for the border: A law was passed yesterday banning and punishing the practice of Necromancy.
  20. Explosions are heard from the mines all the way to the town. Shortly after, an earth-shattering roar is also heard.

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