d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 341-360

Are things going a little too smoothly in your campaign? Grab a die and see which one of these you can throw at your players. Might shake things up a bit!

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 341-360

  1. There have been sightings of a little girl in red wandering the howling woods. She is undergoing Beastmaster training.
  2. To ensure you won’t betray them too quickly, the Gang Leader informs you they have ‘secured’ one of your family members.
  3. Last night’s bar crawl may have been a mistake. You awaken in a muddy ditch, stripped of your gear and clothes!
  4. A Mermaid Beastmaster seeks vengeance upon the fishers and whalers who have captured her sisters with their nets.
  5. The party finds the Prince’s carriage overturned beside the road. Scuffs and dents indicate the carriage was rammed.
  6. As the Innkeeper bids you “Sweet Dreams”, she casts a sleeping spell so her friend can feast upon your dreams.
  7. The iron mines are being overrun by Goblins! The Kobolds are willing to help cut down their numbers for a price.
  8. A young Seer has taken up quilting as a hobby, sewing her visions as patches into quilts intended for specific clients.
  9. Strangely, thin ice bubbles have been encasing entire shop stalls. A child could crawl through the single exit.
  10. Your contact is a young Witch accompanied by a Mephit. The Mephit hisses, “Don’t mind my familiar. She tends to stare.”
  11. An Elven Treesinger guards ancient jungle ruins with his Crawling Vines, ensuring those who enter never return.
  12. The locals are wary of the party. They have heard rumors of sticky fingers and blind murder!
  13. A Cleric discovers townsfolk infected with brain parasites. The most telling symptoms are Amnesia and Fatigue.
  14. That snotty kid shrunk down the party, scooped them up, and brought them home to feed to his massive ant farm!
  15. An army of Kobolds, both Winged and not, was last seen marching toward an Orcish Stronghold.
  16. You were told there was a community of Wizards here. Yet when you arrive, they had already left in a rush. Save for one.
  17. A carriage pulled by Spectral Horses waits outside the inn. A note addresses the party: “Get in, I’ll explain on the way.”
  18. The Temple has a strange fascination with Blood Mages. They are looking to recruit a few for unspoken reasons.
  19. A Sorceress is amassing an army to take the kingdom for herself. She also seeks to steal a party member for herself.
  20. The Queen has caught wind of her son’s revival. Lesser Nobles are quick to denounce his claim to the crown.

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