d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds: 301-320

What’s that? You want to shake things up by deviating from a written campaign? Well sadly, I’m no source for a completed module, but I can offer some ideas for you to play with and evolve into an interesting transition to the next big task. Or lead to some misadventures, whatever your players wind up doing.

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

If you wish to receive updates of more #RPHook, #RPArtifact, #RPSetting, #RPTome, or #DnDNPC ideas as they come, feel free to follow me on Twitter @Shenorai. There are other DMs, GMs, and Players alike who also share ideas under such tags. Keep an eye out!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 301-320

  1. The party awakens in a cell, stripped of their weapons and footwear. Broken glass is scattered outside the cell.
  2. An ally asks the party to help him recover his stolen gear, for he was ambushed and mugged after leaving the pub!
  3. The Constable suspects the Catfolk Innkeeper is hiding a drug den. The Innkeeper suspects the Constable’s a racist.
  4. An inn holds a monthly mystery event involving a poisoned host & discovering who did it. It’s not an act this time.
  5. Flash sale in the market for Ioun Stones!
  6. Stray dogs have been protective of a shack in the slums. The old man living there often talks to the hounds.
  7. The party comes across two lifelike stone statues of warriors facing the cave entrance, swords poised to strike.
  8. A pit of Serpentine Lamia are being pushed out from their cliff-side home, no thanks to the miners.
  9. Rumor has it the King has an illegitimate heir hiding out within the Arcane Academy.
  10. The Caravan is advised to try a different route; a herd of Gorgon has been spotted trampling across the plains.
  11. A Beggar follows the party at a distance. She seems convinced that you lot are up to no good.
  12. The party arrives in a hunting village. Rank is displayed by a hood crafted from the strongest beast one has killed.
  13. Ever since the Thrift Store opened, grave robbery has become a disturbingly large issue.
  14. A Gnome is frantically trying to repair the gondola. Without it, ferrying supplies across the valley takes days!
  15. The King learns that his exports are being turned away and returned thanks to a blockade against his ally!
  16. The local Elves find a Whittler’s enchanted crafts highly offensive, if only because the wood is from their forest.
  17. Authorities arrested a wandering Storyteller, accused of being an accomplice to several crimes reflecting his tales.
  18. The Mausoleum hides an entrance to a cult hideout, given you know the passphrase.
  19. A band of Marauders prey upon religious pilgrims by erecting shrines along the lonely bits of road to lure them in.
  20. The Queen is afflicted with Vampirism! A cure exists in a neighboring region, but they are denying the King access.

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