d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 281-300

You say you’re unprepared, but the time draws nigh.
You do not wish to leave them high and dry!
Fret not, dear master! I’ll advert this disaster.
Take this list and heave a relieved sigh!

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 281-300

  1. A Crone Beggar screeches in the streets, plagued by visions of devils and the city caught ablaze.
  2. You hear grumbling about being framed from a man locked up in the stocks. Spotting you, he asks you for some water.
  3. The travel trunk holds a pack of rabid rats!
  4. When you awaken, there is a Pooka seated at your feet. She grins widely, offering a sack of her poisonous powder.
  5. An encampment of nomadic Druids was raided last night. Most were abducted. Few of the remaining Druids survived.
  6. The Duke’s response for the Werewolf invasion is to become a Werewolf. The town’s Silversmiths heartily disagree.
  7. What you thought was the King’s private hunting grounds was an illusion. A Warlock encampment is ready to attack!
  8. Trappers have been selling what they claim are Naga hides. Lizardfolk sightings are becoming rarer in this area…
  9. Goblins managed to break into the black powder storehouse!
  10. Rival Mercenary Factions are banding together. They have decided to remove the intruding Orc encampment themselves.
  11. Outraged at the sheer drop of people in his pews, a Priest discovers his ex-followers enjoying ‘heathen practices’.
  12. The villagers fear the aristocratic family ruling over them, for they are a pack of werewolves.
  13. A Ranger insists someone stole his Animal Companion. The Cleric admits it was showing troubling signs of illness.
  14. That cat has been following the party since you got into town. Though skittish, it’s too interested in the group.
  15. A Nobleman not only wants you to win the tournament, he wants the current champion dead.
  16. That batch of Cure Light Wounds potions you just bought were tainted!
  17. A willow tree is home to a Dryad. With the right gifts, she whispers dark secrets about the Clergy.
  18. Wild rumors spread in town, claiming the reason why the Baroness never meets with her people is because she’s a Lich.
  19. The Empress seeks a new champion as her guardian, for her old one has betrayed her.
  20. A child delivers a flower with a note to the party. “The Order has been watching you. Beware of silk gloves.”

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