d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 261-280

You slip into the library, praying you won’t be caught doing last-minute research for ideas. Lo and behold, for upon the sturdy table someone else had been compiling such ideas into a list, yet had left it behind! Dare you take the list? Finders keepers, after all!

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

If you wish to receive updates of more #RPHook, #RPArtifact, #RPSetting, or #DnDNPC ideas as they come, feel free to follow me on Twitter @Shenorai. There are other DMs, GMs, and Players alike who also share ideas under such tags. Keep an eye out!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 261-280

  1. A pair of Mouselings search through the swamps for a kidnapped human girl, forced to dig up gems for her captor.
  2. Rumor has it there is an entire city that is run and managed by Golemancers and their creations. However, they have no ruler.
  3. Halflings have trained Giant Bats to accept Scouts as their riders. However, one squad of three has gone missing.
  4. There’s a scratch at the door. A Mastiff is outside, carrying its heavily injured Gnome master upon its back.
  5. An ally of the party has been interrogated. The enemy leader now knows of the party’s recent magical acquisition.
  6. There has been a tear between planes. You have been chosen not to mend this tear, but to find the Wizards who can.
  7. A Zookeeper wants to liven up the zoo with some Bugbears. He asks the party to round up a few for him!
  8. The Duke wants the nearby forest cleared out for expanding the city. However, it’s said Briarborn live within it.
  9. A pilgrimage of Clerics have gone missing near the swamps.
  10. The Head Detective is a Witch who relies upon her Imp familiar as her partner. The rest of the squad is wary of her.
  11. Driders are snatching Elven women at night and dragging them through the old mines and taking them to their shrines.
  12. This tribe forbids entry into their village unless the party wears masks. Outsiders are considered unclean.
  13. A party member finds a staff and experiences vivid visions of its previous wielder and the demon he tried to seal.
  14. The village’s children sneak into the woods nightly, going to the home of a sick Muse and nursing her back to health.
  15. An impregnated Orc is searching for her Bard lover. He is actively avoiding her.
  16. Your party has been asked to clear out the mines for the capital, but the caves are Dragonkin nesting grounds.
  17. A saddled Hippocampus is trapped in a lagoon during low tide. Its rider is nowhere to be found.
  18. The Constable is lobbying for a new law to make the punishment fit the crime. The City Council is torn on the issue.
  19. A plague is crawling through the subterranean civilizations. The Dwarves and Drow have no choice but to move to the surface.
  20. Rumor has it the Emperor has summoned Kalavakus to gain the upper hand in the war. As payment, it demands more exotic slaves.

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