d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 241-260

The hour has come and catches you off-guard. Regardless of how much time you have sunk into preparing the night’s game, it’s just not enough! But here, these ideas may be of help to you.

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 221-240

  1. The King has been murdered! The Queen pins the blame on her Stepdaughter, who flees the castle to escape her wrath!
  2. A mourning Tinkerer has created a life-sized construct in the image of his late wife. At times, it moves on its own.
  3. Sailors speak of The Ocean Rescuer: a Merman Druid who commands his aquatic familiars to rescue shipwrecked crews.
  4. A child contracted vampirism a century ago. She uses her youthful appearance to lure and punish child traffickers.
  5. Drow Clerics see the Surface as ‘unclean’ and seek to cleanse it in the name of their god.
  6. A chef demands your party seek out the fruit of a Dreaming Tree. The knot of Briarborn guarding the tree forbids the party from harvesting the fruit.
  7. Merfolk worry: a Bard has discovered a series of chords with the power to command an entire lagoon of Sea Dragons.
  8. The party is invited to Sagittarius Falls: exclusive hunting grounds managed and overseen by a Centaur Ranger.
  9. A Quasit appears before the party, pleading on behalf of its captive master. She is being tapped for her powers to destroy the realm.
  10. Mouselings accuse rival Ratmen of stealing food from their larders. The Ratmen claim they have far greater concerns.
  11. A party member’s sibling arrives with a letter and a large package.
  12. The elderly Wandmaker scowls and remarks, “You’re not quite what I had in mind, but you’ll do. I’ve a job for you.”
  13. A Blacksmith discovers too late that one of her repair commissions is cursed!
  14. The local Necromancers are accused of Raising soldiers in the graveyard, yet this is the work of a Tombstone Fairy.
  15. A Tinkerer has been kidnapped by The Conqueror to build his army. However, the Tinkerer can still command his loyal constructs.
  16. You find a letter attached to an arrow. It’s a referral letter for its holder to join a league of sharpshooters.
  17. A Doomsayer spots the party and drops to his knees. “At last, the heavens have finally sent our saviors!” he cries.
  18. They may be helping with the overpopulation of rabbits, but these ferrets are getting out of hand!
  19. It’s discovered that it’s not the booze that is making a party member act irrationally: The bottle is cursed!
  20. A Mindflayer has found a Duchess’s mind far too beautiful to devour. He wants to keep it all to himself.

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