d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 221-240

Surely, there must be an easier way to keep these players busy without having them frequent a barkeep or bounty board for things to do. Perhaps, dear Dungeon Master, these seeds may be of help for your campaign. Give them a try, see how your players can cope. Given they survive the ordeal.

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 221-240

  1. Something small has managed to steal everyone’s left shoe. The party is no exception.
  2. A Necromancer challenges the party to tackle his labyrinth. The multiple Minotaur Skeletons within the maze ‘slipped his mind’.
  3. Oddly, the innkeeper is nowhere to be found.
  4. Though sent to the wrong address, you receive a letter bearing dire news: “War is brewing. You have been drafted.”
  5. You realize far too late that the dark clouds looming over the horizon was a Giant Phantom. Worse yet: there are others.
  6. This Nobleman is new in town. He insists on impressing the locals by challenging them to fencing duels.
  7. A Dwarven family gained great fame in the fishing industry. Rivals insist on discrediting them: Merfolk know the truth.
  8. You hear a groan overhead. Suspended from the tree is an enfeebled Kenku. He is bound to a pair of wooden wings.
  9. The Lord of the Land assigns you to investigate his town’s inns. He suspects there are traitors hiding within one.
  10. As the party follows the riverside, a Mermaid finds them every evening, offering oysters with enchanted pearls.
  11. Someone’s underhanded solution for alcoholism is slipping deadly nightshade in the brewers’ concoctions.
  12. The High Priest wishes to hold resurrection services, but the Baroness forbids such practices in her city.
  13. A Weretiger allegedly kidnaps kids to devour! In truth, he cares for wayward children abandoned by their parents.
  14. These Priestesses insist you are their new leader, but what happened to their last one? They won’t talk about it.
  15. An Apprentice Mage is under house arrest for disturbingly animalistic behavior. His dog is overly protective of him.
  16. You discover a wounded Kobold. He stammers about Poachers who seek to make a profit off the stolen wings of his kind.
  17. A child-like Halfling agrees to be your informant so long as you help rescue her brother from the palace dungeon.
  18. Merfolk Beastmasters keep sailors out of their territory by sinking their docked ships.
  19. The ruckus outside is an attempted kidnapping! The Prince’s escorts all lie dead; he’s quickly swarmed by his attackers!
  20. A lone wanderer claims he is the last of his kingdom. His proof is not a crown, but his runed armlet reacting to his royal blood.

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