d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 201-220

Let’s dive into the next adventure! But wait, do you feel your players are not quite prepared for the next leg of their journey? Well, here are a few scenarios to distract them with. It should keep their minds buzzing until you’re ready to drop the next big thing on them!

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 201-220

  1. Three blind Mouselings are trying to make their way to the clock tower.
  2. There have been sightings of an unclaimed horse wandering the desert, but it’s likely a mirage.
  3. The party comes across an overturned carriage with no animal in sight. A pained groan is heard from within.
  4. You find a flyer promising a large gold reward for recapturing the Duchess’s Tengu slaves.
  5. A child approaches the Cleric. He claims a hooded man insisted that the party will take him to the Temple of Pelor.
  6. You find an exhausted Strix. She cowers upon seeing you and shies away to protect the Human child accompanying her.
  7. The locals are wary of an adventuring group calling themselves “Centaurian Sentinels”. They’re all half beast creatures!
  8. You come across a cluster of Fairies in disarray. Some rotten kids tore apart their Fairy Ring! Now they can’t go home!
  9. Gossiping Merfolk reveal the cove where a Sea Hag has been hiding out. They find her presence highly suspicious.
  10. A group of miscreants have come across a group of injured Goblins hiding in the sewers, but who would believe them?
  11. What you thought was a lead turned out to be a distraction to lure the party away from the target’s true goal!
  12. A Ratman Wizard polymorphs the party into rats! The rest of the warren glare disapprovingly at your presence.
  13. You are warned to stay away from the Wizard’s tower. Not because he’s dangerous (though he can be): He’s weird.
  14. The King’s Ambassador is slain. The emblem of a neighboring kingdom was planted on the body far too obviously.
  15. A Shaman has recurring visions of the party challenging an entire herd of Minotaur. He strongly advises against it.
  16. You discover your Rival about to raid a dog-fighting ring. You notice he is vastly outnumbered.
  17. There’s a bounty on the head of a Brawler; he’s been systematically taking out gangsters influencing local shops.
  18. A Locksmith is blamed by Nobility for crafting faulty locks. The Locksmith insists Burglars are getting craftier.
  19. The Princess was last seen heading for the courtyard alongside a knight in white armor. She’s disappeared since.
  20. Ever since you uncovered that dark shrine, its Goddess plagues your dreams, insisting you were stolen from her.

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