d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 181-200

Here’s another handful of seeds to spread across your campaign as you see fit! Or use it as a randomizer of sorts to help you plot out where your tales or sidequests will lead to.

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 181-200

  1. The Deputy is frantically searching for the Sheriff’s murderer, who he knows for a fact is a skilled Gunslinger.
  2. Clerics struggle with a newly developed plague.
  3. The Wizard’s Apprentice has gone missing! He was last seen wearing red and white stripes and thick-rimmed glasses.
  4. An Alchemist requires one last ingredient for a beautification salve: Beholder Eyes. Intact.
  5. Children pass out flyers for the circus. They act strangely however, convinced that the circus is their only family.
  6. Rumor has it the secret behind the Dwarf Tinkerer’s skills was an apprenticeship under a Kobold Mechanic.
  7. A Kobold is being framed for vandalizing clockwork constructs.
  8. Stray animals are showing worrying symptoms. Mange, excessive gnawing, aggressive behavior…
  9. Pixies warn the party: Satyrs have been migrating to the nearby forest after being driven from their ancestral home.
  10. An ally of the party has been held captive for ransom!
  11. Following the coastline, you find a merchant with a cart hauling crafts from the Merfolk, selling on their behalf.
  12. You have been captured as a slave. A fellow slave, a Kobold who acts simple-minded, offers a way out of bondage.
  13. Beneath the rug is a trap door. You swear you heard whispers coming from below.
  14. Merfolk have been frequently patrolling the river, concerned for the sudden spike in corpses appearing in the water.
  15. A new Mercenary Guild has opened up in response to the old Guild’s corruption, but they are constantly harassed.
  16. Poachers run amok here, seeking the fur of young Fauns.
  17. A Pixie Sorcerer requires an escort to meet with a Sage. The Sage lives on the top of a mountain.
  18. Burglary has been getting out of hand. Homeowners blame the plentiful Raccoons, claiming they can change shape.
  19. An Alchemist creates a mixture that induces vivid dreams, causing Animate Dreams to overrun the Ethereal Plane.
  20. The Princess is now orphaned, but this does not slow the flow of suitors after her hand and crown.

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