d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 161-180

It never hurts to have a few extra ideas at hand in case something goes awry, the players become distracted by a possible side quest, or the session is going suspiciously well. Let’s mix things up a bit with yet another d20 list to play with!

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Sundays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 161-180

  1. A child insists you help her look for her baby Turtle. That is, her baby Dragon Turtle.
  2. There’s a knock on the door. Someone ditched a bloody sack, holding rings still worn by their fingers.
  3. A Goblin wants to prove that he is just as good of a jeweler as any Dwarf. He just needs to dig up the materials.
  4. The Town Guard is suspicious of the forest. They swear it’s closing in on the town with every passing day.
  5. Someone in town has been impersonating a party member. There is a massive tab in the tavern with their name on it.
  6. The other nobles are suspicious of a Half-Elf who seems far too proud of her aristocratic heritage. They want proof.
  7. A circus troupe has come to town! Yet strangely, many of the children who attend the show disappear into the night.
  8. The Druid became fed up with the escort’s bratty behavior. He polymorphs her into a pig out of a fit of rage.
  9. A Noblewoman disapproves of her son’s courting choices and habits. She wants him to break off his relationships.
  10. That’s no child! It’s an infamous Halfling Bandit!
  11. A Ringleader’s idea of a ‘freak show’ circus consists of a battered collection of animalistic races.
  12. You’ve been invited to celebrate at the festival with the Mayor! However, the wine tastes a little strange..
  13. There is a hot pepper eating contest in the market today! 5sp to enter and the winner takes the pot!
  14. A Cook offers Trail Rations, asking for feedback upon your return. He’s experimenting for better Military Rations.
  15. The villagers shun a child, accusing him of summoning demons. Truthfully, he just discovered that he is an Eidolist.
  16. An injured Strix warns against going up the mountain: Horrible creatures ripped apart his home and are still there.
  17. The music from an Enchanted Lyre kept the Storm Dragons at bay. The strings have snapped.
  18. A Paladin has lost her faith in mankind. She wonders if the time for a Cleanse is nigh, yet asks “Is it right?”
  19. The party has been chosen to retrieve three fragments of a holy artifact.
  20. A Thief runs off with the Bag of Holding!

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