d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 141-160

If you are stuck for ideas while piecing together the next adventure or you need to add a bit more fluff in case you wind up with extra time, here’s a bit of help. As per usual with my d20 lists, you are more than welcome to use this one to either skim through and take what you like or roll for it and see what the fates have in store for your players!

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Sundays. Stay tuned for weekly ideas!

If you wish to receive updates of more #RPHook, #RPArtifact, or #DnDNPC ideas as they come, feel free to follow me on Twitter @Shenorai. There are other DMs, GMs, and Players alike who also share ideas under such tags. Keep an eye out!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 141-160

  1. A red-hooded girl is desperately trying to help her grandmother find a cure for lycanthropy, else the woodsmen find her.
  2. There is unrest in the forest: trouble with the trees. Maple Ents have been fighting with the far taller Oak Ents.
  3. A Hunter is after a Roc with golden feathers. He claims she’s keeping a young boy captive in her cliffside nest!
  4. You are asked to accompany the Baron’s son as he goes into town tonight. His heir intends to have a barcrawl!
  5. The Cleric has a vision of a Paladin who turned his back to his god. He shatters his Holy Symbol for another deity.
  6. A family of Millers opened their doors to slaves who have escaped from the Duke’s estate. They claim he is a vampire.
  7. Rumor has it the Admiral has managed to smuggle Dwarven blueprints for improved cannons.
  8. The party was supposedly being escorted to the Duchess’s estate. The ‘shortcut’ brings them to a slaver’s trading post.
  9. A wounded Werewolf stumbles across camp. He begs the party to warn the Queen of Lycanthropy’s spread before succumbing.
  10. The blind Cleric asks that you find her seeing-eye Miniature Horse before she can offer you her services. It was stolen.
  11. A seaside Merchant sells Water Globes ‘enchanted’ to have tiny Merfolk inside. Merfolk sightings are becoming rare.
  12. You are asked to retrieve a Scribe and some historical records from an arcane library nestled at the mountaintop.
  13. When your contact claimed that this town was chock full of Horsemen, he failed to mention that he really meant Centaurs.
  14. An arrogant Chef believes he is beyond the best of the best. A god challenges him to create a new Ambrosia.
  15. The Rogue awakes to a crow on his bedroll. There’s a note tied to its leg, listing the Rogue’s recently stolen loot.
  16. A Weaver is convinced that the finest silks in the land comes from Driders. However, he has retired from adventuring.
  17. The coronation ceremony is interrupted by a battle-worn Scout bearing dire news from the country’s border posts!
  18. A popular mountainside spa is being plagued by an infestation of Steam Mephits. The owner fears losing her business.
  19. The Gang Leader sighs. “We were like you once, ya know. Blindly fighting under their command. We can set you free.”
  20. Your trusty informant has led you straight into a trap! But what made him turn on you in the first place?

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