d20 #Loot Chest : 101-120

If you’re stuck for unique or truly bizarre items to slip into your players’ backpacks, give this list a try! Though I do not list any obvious stats when I can help it, I instead offer descriptions for the item and what it can do. The rest is left up to the DM/GM to make it as weak or powerful as s/he sees fit!

Though it may not appear as often as I would like, I’m going to try and make this a feature on Sundays, bundled up with my d20 Plot Seed lists. Check in weekly: You may find a surprise in store!

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d20 #RPArtifact Loot : 101-120

  1. You found a sack of Pixie Dust! Oh wait, no. It’s just glitter. Glitter. Everywhere. Argh!
  2. Hidden behind a broken brick wall is an aged cask of Amontillado. It is still full and tightly sealed.
  3. As simple as these Cloth Boots look, they keep desert sand and heat away from your feet. Lava’s a problem, though.
  4. Take this Runed Quill and try to copy the strange text you see. Behold, the Quill translated the language to Common!
  5. This quiver holds hollow bolts with fragile tips and corks in the tails. You presume you can fill these before firing.
  6. Amazing! With this Spyglass, you can peer into the ocean without glare! Might not be watertight, though.
  7. There’s a knock on the door. Someone ditched a bloody sack, holding rings still worn by their fingers.
  8. Though metal hair straighteners are usually risky to heat up and use, this pair does not harm shades of red hair.
  9. Lodged in the trunk of a scorched tree are a pair of Mithril Chakras. The blades are both sharp and hot to touch.
  10. The sands falling from this five-minute hourglass disturb the air and create a haze revealing invisible creatures.
  11. Upon donning this cowl, you feel an aversion toward bright lights, yet you can see crystal clear in pitch darkness.
  12. This delicate glass jar is filled with ashen-colored powder. It creates bright sparks when exposed to air.
  13. You are gifted an enchanted dagger. Its handle becomes warmer in the presence of ice magic and creatures.
  14. Washed upon the shore is a fishing net riddled with fibrous barbs. The material is difficult to see when submerged.
  15. Twice a day, flipping this 6ft Rain Stick creates a localized cloud pouring rain that soothes and heals all.
  16. Hidden away is an untarnished silver tea set. It turns blue when filled with something tainted by poison.
  17. Known to Clerics as ‘The Defender’s Mantle’, this white cloak hardens into Mithral when the wearer shields an ally.
  18. The Cleric’s Deity has trusted the party with a holy artifact. It detects the Deity’s true followers.
  19. Don’t wear these Bifocals for too long. The phantoms you’ll see feasting upon your allies are their personal demons.
  20. Woven from a strong yet wispy material, this scarf becomes your wings when faced with a great length to jump or fall.

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