d20 #NPC Folk : 21-40

Sometimes, we need to sprinkle in some personality or odd quirks into the game just to make things more interesting. You never know what sort of character(s) your players may grow fond of. All the better to slaughter, my dear!

Though it may not appear as often, I’m going to try and make this a regular feature on Mondays, bundled along with my Plot Seed lists. Check back weekly!

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Previous Folk : 1-20


d20 #DnDNPC Folk : 21-40

  1. This curly-haired Tinkerer is a double-amputee. However, she built her own legs and builds prosthesis for other clients.
  2. Beneath the hood, you see a doctor’s mask with a broken beak. A tender voice whispers, “Hello, traveler. Are you lost?”
  3. There are very telling signs that the Bard is a Werewolf. The biggest hint suggesting this? He howls to his own music!
  4. A Kobold is obsessed with the idea of becoming the strongest warrior in the region. He refuses to cheat his way there.
  5. The Glaive-wielding Fighter emerges from the rocky crag, revealing herself to be a feline Lamia.
  6. This impish Halfling seems to be far more trouble than she’s worth, yet her mischief draws attention away from you.
  7. A Tinkerer spends his spare time entertaining children at the market square with his marionette.
  8. The Archives are kept by a motherly Elven woman. The faerie lights lingering by the shelves are small Fae residing here.
  9. A pair of Undine sisters run and manage this seaside tavern. They are fantastic at calming down their stressed patrons.
  10. That Dwarven Priestess is peculiar. She has an obsession with cleanliness, demanding you wash up before meeting with her.
  11. As unnerving as this scrawny lad is, he sends out his crow friends to watch over the party. Feral beasts are wary of him.
  12. The Deputy adores dogs, often bringing a couple hounds with him on patrol. He has mixed feelings about Werewolf hunting.
  13. You come across a teenage Summoner. She has been outcast from her hometown because all of her magic appears lime green.
  14. The King’s messenger is a Tengu, able to precisely mimic the King’s voice, but she finds many of his orders too cruel.
  15. A man claiming to be an ‘Ex-Marauder’ has an unusual ranch in a lagoon. Here, he raises Giant Sea Horses for Merfolk.
  16. The Chef insists her Goat’s Head Stew will cure whatever ails ya. She proudly boasts keeping the pot going for 8 years.
  17. Working in conjunction with the temple, these stables provide their blind monks with adorable guides: miniature horses!
  18. The drunken Arcanist is still sore over losing his beloved. She fell in love with a Merman and swam off to be with him.
  19. Your contact is a Winged Kobold. Seems meek, yet has a quick trigger claw, impressive pistols, and no patience for fools.
  20. The Princess of a desert kingdom has an unhealthy obsession with Peryton. She keeps insisting on building a menagerie.

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