d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 121-140

Here we are, once again, with a handful of various hooks to cast out to your players between campaign arcs! Granted, a few of these may have more obvious references than others, but it’s fun to see how long it takes before the players involved realize what’s going on.

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 121-140

  1. A Princess has proclaimed herself as ruler of a kingdom of Mushkin.
  2. You turn to leave, but are met with a graffitied wall. It reads, “There was a door here. It’s gone now.” How true.
  3. Strange things are happening. Criminals and their loot are appearing on the prison doorstep, completely webbed up!
  4. Teenage Druids take on Wolf forms to keep their Werewolf friend company. And to keep him safe  from Hunters.
  5. Something is drawing the citizens out of the town, one by one, and luring them into the swamps.
  6. The locals stay away from the tavern. They swear the walls themselves have eyes that can stare into your soul.
  7. Despite being confined for a decade, the town looney strangely knows the exact locations of recently missing items.
  8. The Guards are in disarray: their fetters, manacles, and even some cell doors have been tampered with.
  9. A Deep Gnome jabbers about thieving Kobolds ruining everything. The Kobolds claim he’s a hermit who just arrived.
  10. The Empress was felled two centuries ago. She haunts her throne room to keep others from taking her crown.
  11. Miners are fleeing the tunnels. Trolls have made themselves very much at home there.
  12. Con Artists pose as Master Wizards searching for pupils. In truth, they are gathering sacrifices for a temple.
  13. The Merchant is selling an enchanted circlet. He promises vivid and wonderful dreams when it’s worn while resting.
  14. A little boy has been following the party for awhile. When confronted, he whispers, “She’s behind you now. Run.”
  15. Rattling chains and pained wails echo from the old prison. However, it has been abandoned for decades.
  16. Shouldn’t have insulted that Witch. She shrinks you down to the size of a mouse and drops you into a gerbil maze!
  17. The Merfolk warn Sailors against setting sail until they figure out why the Sea Dragons are suddenly aggressive.
  18. A Rival beat you to the cache, leaving nothing but a taunting note and a riddle leading to the loot’s new location.
  19. Someone has contaminated the Decanter of Endless Water with several disembodied fingers!
  20. The Queen bans magic from her kingdom. All magicians, artifacts, and creatures are to be brought directly to the palace.

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