d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 101-120

Sometimes, a minor distraction or a complete change of pace is needed to shake things up in a campaign. To keep things from becoming too predictable for your players, how about borrowing a few sidequest ideas to keep them guessing?

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 101-120

  1. An internationally wanted thief was spotted nearby. She wears a red trench coat and a matching wide-brimmed hat.
  2. Worryingly, one of the village boys has gone delusional. He keeps babbling about giants and a magic goose.
  3. An ally of the party has a final request: Bring her ashes to the feywild and give them to her friend, an elder Faun.
  4. Something is driving the Ratmen out of the sewer. They are terrified!
  5. A Spiritualist asks the party to accompany her as she attempts to calm the manor’s dead occupants.
  6. There is a peculiar painting Elephant showcased at the fair. It paints a message for the party: “FLEE NOW”
  7. A Sorceress is strangely apathetic about her daughter’s disappearance, yet her husband is distraught.
  8. Children in this town are forbidden from associating with adventurers, lest wild ideas are planted in their heads.
  9. You are tasked with finding a missing Cleric. You learn he fled due to being infected with Lycanthropy.
  10. As the party wanders the jungle, they hear a voice among the monkeys above. “Drop yer gear or we’ll rip ya apart.”
  11. Chamber Pots have been vanishing nightly. The Mayor suspects the nearby Goblin tribe is to blame.
  12. A Dwarf raises Dire Boars for her mountainhome’s military. A Druid suspects she uses dark magics to raise them.
  13. You placed a 400g down payment at the Armorer’s. The next day, he flees the town without touching his commission!
  14. Whenever the full moon rises, the forest feels sinister.
  15. A Cult has stooped to kidnapping and ‘reconditioning’ their ‘new recruits’ in order to increase their numbers.
  16. Some pranksters thought it was hilarious to hide Mandrakes in the carrot patch.
  17. Many rumors surround this manor: A glorious treasure. A cult hideout. The site of a massacre. Dare you enter?
  18. A Feline Beastmaster escaped from the local asylum. She vows, “You have not seen the last of the Crazy Cat Lady!”
  19. The party comes across dueling Paladins of opposing religions. They blame one another’s god for the region’s strife.
  20. Rumor has it the local Aristocratic Society is really a front for a humanoid trafficking operation.

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