d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 81-100

Just finished the big arc? Need to give your players some smaller missions before taking on the next big baddie? Or are you just looking for some filler to pin up as bounties or whisper as NPC rumors? Lemme give you a hand with that; I’ve yet another list of ideas for you to have a gander with.

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 81-100

  1. Rumor has it there is an underground league of fighters somewhere in the shadier part of town. Gambling aplenty.
  2. A Vampire is on a personal quest to taste every pure blooded race. Prefers intelligent or arcane races in nature.
  3. You have been invited to a masquerade! Unfortunately, during the party, you find the slain body of the real host.
  4. The Duke wants the party to capture a Rust Spitter and bring it to his manor. He wishes to test his new arsenal.
  5. A spirit pleads to the party to retrieve her stolen head from a Witch Doctor who shrunk it for his rituals.
  6. The Curiosity Shoppe has an unnerving number of dolls everywhere. You swear you just heard one pleading for help.
  7. A Hobgoblin Chieftain claims the Dwarven Mines are in his domain. He sends his lackeys out to slaughter the Miners!
  8. Though typical for a Witch to have cats, a new one seems to appear with every girl reported missing.
  9. A Seer proudly displays a Magic Carpet in his tent. A Witch claims it’s an heirloom that was stolen from her.
  10. Deep laughter echo throughout the valley as Trolls hurl boulders at the villages below!
  11. Your party is called to manage a district’s locust infestation. You discover the locusts are clockwork constructs.
  12. Gardeners and Farmers complain about strange holes appearing in their gardens and everything being devoured.
  13. As you wake, a Drider looms over you with a disapproving scowl. “Did you really think all of that was a bad dream?”
  14. Fights have been breaking out more frequently thanks to the local Mercenaries. They’re extorting ‘protection fees’.
  15. A pride of Feline Lamia claim the new settlement is encroaching upon their territory.
  16. In this Dragonborn colony, you only earn respect and an audience with the clan leader through sheer brute strength.
  17. The Townsfolk are far too distracted by the festival to notice the Raiders closing in on the town…
  18. One by one, all of the town brewers have been going missing. Save for brewers from the aristocrat-owned company.
  19. A Sorceress polymorphs those who wrong her into pigs. They are sent off and sold to the slaughterhouse.
  20. The Princess has arranged a game: Retrieve a sacred gem from the bowels of an ever-moving labyrinth filled with undead.

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