d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 61-80

21-40Welcome back to the wonderful world of side quests and plot seeds! Here, we feature yet another collection of ideas that you can either sort through or let your trusty d20 pick for you!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 61-80

  1. A Kitsune tavernkeep has been barred from the Elven winery. As a result, he slanders the wine, claiming their grapes are far too sour.
  2. Parents in this hamlet are worried. Their children claim they feel wings upon their backs and keep leaping off of tall things.
  3. It is rumored that a Duchess has a vast collection of porcelain dolls used to trap the souls of women far prettier than the Duchess herself.
  4. An old ally feels it’s finally time to repay that favor he owes ya. However, he pulled the wrong strings to do it.
  5. Traveling Merchants swear they encountered an Angel residing beside a mountain pass. He seeks those with a strong heart.
  6. The drunken tales of a migrating forest weren’t entirely wrong: They describe a nomadic group of Ents searching for home.
  7. A Merchant is at odds with an Innkeeper. She sells Tavern Darts to put him out of business!
  8. The party leader has a vision of a chapel in flames. A Holy Symbol of a lost goddess is hidden away and unharmed.
  9. You are warned against wandering the mountain pass. “If you must break for camp, for gods’ sake, don’t light a fire.”
  10. The youngest member of the party is mistaken for an Eidolist’s long lost grandchild. Who is hunted for their inheritance.
  11. A frantic Human rancher is desperately trying to round up his master’s Dire Hyenas.
  12. There is a bounty on the head of a vampire. She infiltrates dens of iniquity only to prey upon adulterous men.
  13. A Witch has enchanted a closet. Any one who enters will find a library containing a tome containing the full history for each and every person who has perished by their hand.
  14. Listening past the cryptic phrasing, you realize the Bard’s song describes this afternoon’s murder in deep detail.
  15. The party discovers a half-burned Witch Hunter. He reveals his misfortune of finding an entire town of Witches.
  16. Unsure how you missed it before, you notice a hole in the ground below the tavern. A Mouseling can easily fit through it.
  17. In this town, the Eidolist with the mightiest Eidolon becomes the town leader. As such, hopefuls constructed an arena.
  18. The Temple accuses its finest Paladin of losing faith in the church: In truth, he has lost faith in his shieldkin.
  19. A heist at a famous Painter’s estate went terribly wrong. Who would have anticipated the paintings could trap intruders?
  20. The Royal Handmaiden is truly a priestess to Erythnul/Norgorber. She steals away the newborn Prince for a sacrificial rite.

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