d20 #Loot Chest : 81-100

Whether your players are cracking open a chest, picking a pocket, or just outright looting the body, you just know they are anticipating something good. Or at least, an interesting trinket that may catch the interest of the local merchants. One way to dissuade the player from outright selling the loot is to give it a sense of personality, whether it is to personalize an item specifically for that character to use or to make it surprisingly useful for their journey. Though I cannot guarantee any of these, I can offer descriptions of a slew of possible items to pick from!

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d20 #RPArtifact Loot : 81-100

  1. The traveling Barber is selling an amazing Hair Tonic! However, it smells suspiciously off…
  2. A Rival beat you to the cache, leaving nothing but a taunting note and a riddle leading to the loot’s new location.
  3. This belt is small enough to fit a Dwarf, but grants the wearer an unusually intimidating stature.
  4. While seeking information, you learn of a mute Human Squire who relies upon his family heirloom, a Singing Sword, to do the talking for him.
  5. Before you set sail, you are given a ceramic urn. It has been enchanted to be constantly filled with salt.
  6. The staff itself is mundane, but it bears elaborate carvings of angels and demons clashing against one another.
  7. Wearing this old gown makes you feel like you can take on the ballroom and outdance everyone!
  8. Ask this glass orb, “How’s the weather?” It produces an illusion within itself showing you the next hour’s forecast.
  9. An eyeball suspended in clear fluid is encased in a glass ball. It swivels about to stare at magical items.
  10. Wrapped in a filthy rag is a copper tinderbox. This may explain the soot everywhere…
  11. You find a pair of chain bracelets. When worn by two people, one grows warm if the other’s wearer is in danger.
  12. This old glass vase has a withered bouquet of Beholder eye stalks! …grody.
  13. You don’t know whose this was, but someone took the time to encrust this entire skull with various gemstones.
  14. Someone added bits of crystal to this leather armor’s studs. When struck, the armor sparks with electricity!
  15. You are gifted a Dragon Tooth Ocarina. When played, you and those nearby are engulfed in a relaxing aura of warmth.
  16. At your feet is a cracked ring, embossed with runes promising an ox’s strength to its wearer.
  17. While looting, the party comes across a quill that never runs out of ink. Drawings from this pen spring to life.
  18. When this two-handled chalice is filled with water, its reflection reveals a shared memory if held by two people.
  19. Hidden within the base of this wooden Holy Symbol is a string of silver Prayer Beads. Evil creatures are wary of it.
  20. It is rumored that a Duchess has a vast collection of porcelain dolls used to trap the souls of women far prettier than the Duchess herself.

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