d20 #Loot Chest : 61-80

There’s always room for a few goodies in the loot pile, right? Of course there is! Here is yet another list of loot descriptions for you and your d20 to sort through! Like with the previous Loot lists, I am merely providing descriptions for the items, not the stats. I’ll leave that part up to you.

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d20 #RPArtifact Loot : 61-80

  1. Gross, it’s a Shrunken Head! Somehow, it turns to ‘stare’ at those with a selfish nature.
  2. What you swore was a Fairy’s belt is simply a leather ring. You feel a deeper connection to your animal companion.
  3. Mixed in with some discarded coins is an enchanted silver piece. It allows its carrier to see invisible creatures.
  4. Some wiseass enchanted a two-toned six-sided die with Cantrips. Blue casts Ray of Frost. Green casts Poison Spray.
  5. This hardened chitin mask may obscure your vision, but you can feel exactly where your foes are within 60 feet.
  6. A Bard sings of the Merfolk’s lost treasure: the very lyre he plays, putting songs of Sirens to shame.
  7. This Armored Kilt feels sturdy enough, but the chain belts dangling from it as a decoration jangle loudly.
  8. A young girl sells oysters by the shore. Remarkably, every single oyster has a large pearl within.
  9. This Drinking Horn carved from a Longhorn Bull’s horn is highly decorated with carvings depicting warring Minotaurs.
  10. Adorning these vambraces makes you feel compelled to block and parry rather than dodge.
  11. How peculiar! This lace Parasol has a hollow handle with just enough room to hide a Stiletto Dagger inside.
  12. An ornate wooden ring hides a spool of copper wire, revealed and unraveled with a careful twist of the ring.
  13. This Buckler is embossed with a roaring bear’s head. However, the wearer is cursed with an unusually short temper.
  14. Either you are imagining things or that rag doll has been following you all over town.
  15. A handful of pebbles emit a cold aura. If left in open air for a half hour, frost forms in the immediate area.
  16. Adorning this jeweled circlet gives you a sense of peace, knowing your mind is safer from harm.
  17. This clockwork toy bear patrols the camp at night when wound up. Handy, for it shrieks at intruders.
  18. Shield bashing with this buckler may activate one of four runes, attuned to cast Hydraulic Push!
  19. These bolts are tipped with sharp red crystals. When plunged into flesh, the crystals collapse into molten rock!
  20. Digging through junk, you uncover a String of Pearls! When worn under water, an air bubble envelops your head!

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