d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 41-60

In need of a few mini adventures and side-quests to liven things up a bit? Try this list on for size. It might add a bit of fluff to your world and keep your players on their toes.

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 41-60

  1. A quartet of Selachinoids have been keeping an eye on the party from a distance, seeing if you’re causing trouble here.
  2. Local authorities are having trouble raiding a criminal den. They could use a hand.
  3. The party is approached by a Mushkin. He seems lost and asks if you know where the swamp is so he can get back home.
  4. A Hobgoblin Captain arrives in town, riding atop a Worg. He demands to speak to the town’s military leader.
  5. Time is of the essence. A Dwarf Engineer needs a hand to finish and assemble the last dozen pieces for siege machines.
  6. Chapel ruins lie East of town. The Priest reveals there is a hidden artifact still within those ruins.
  7. A Dragonborn is tired of being blamed for raids upon the Trade Route. He wants the party’s help to clear his name.
  8. Dwarves & Elves combine their technology and magic to improve their city’s livelihood, but it’s an uneasy alliance.
  9. The Paladin who slayed the Demon has returned! Or at least, you think he has. He can’t remember who he is exactly.
  10. Druids wander from one snowy village to the next to replenish their larders with seeds and magic. Two are missing.
  11. An Urchin runs off with your coinpurse, returning it a street later. “I had to: You were walking into an ambush!”
  12. The Queen has heard a rumor: The last heir of the late King is hidden away. She demands the heir’s capture.
  13. A Raven perches nearby and caws, “Prepare yourselves! There’s a price on your heads and Bounty Hunters nearby!”
  14. The Innkeeper’s daughter warns you against staying at her mother’s inn. “I don’t wanna see you disappear too.”
  15. A Count is betrothed to the Countess of a neighboring county, but his heart belongs to a commoner. How to choose?
  16. Either you are imagining things or that rag doll has been following you all over town.
  17. A friend of the party has been kidnapped by a demon! They are trapped in an hourglass until demands are met.
  18. Twice a week, a group of women coax sailors into intoxication, which directly leads to kidnapping the said sailors.
  19. A sibling rivalry has turned sour and deadly. Even moreso considering they are both in a clan of assassins.
  20. The city guard is on high alert, searching for a Cavalier in white armor. He has slaughtered several families overnight.

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