d20 #Loot Chest : 41-60

Ah, loot. As nice as it can be to pick the pockets of fallen foes to find some decent coin, many players seek more than a fatter coinpurse. Instead of surprising them with a mimic or merely an empty container, feel free to pick through this list or roll for it. Some of these items may not be what the player was expecting.

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d20 #RPArtifact Loot : 41-60

  1. You’re fairly certain this bottle is merely filled with Goblin Snot.
  2. Once upon a time, this single white glove encrusted with diamonds belonged to a legendary Bard known for his dancing.
  3. The Curiosity Shoppe has an unnerving number of dolls everywhere. You swear you just heard one pleading for help.
  4. It’s discovered that it’s not the booze that is making a party member act irrationally: The bottle is cursed!
  5. This Dream Catcher’s central ring activates in the moonlight, opening a portal to the Fae realm.
  6. What you thought was a mundane bedroll is lined with soft fur. After crawling out, the cold doesn’t bother you.
  7. Despite its age, this Boarding Axe is still as sharp as ever. Oddly, it has been coated in silver.
  8. This necklace is comprised of round, brass beads. When worn by a male, he feels more ‘manly’, yet is reckless.
  9. That batch of Cure Light Wounds potions you just bought were tainted!
  10. A few street urchins were playing catch with an oddly-colored rock. Upon closer inspection, it’s a Golem Core.
  11. Though you discover coin missing from your purse, in its place is a trinket worth double the stolen value!
  12. If you strike this Tuning Fork, the vibrations irritate and aggravate nearby beasts: their ears ring painfully.
  13. The Merchant is selling an enchanted circlet. He promises vivid and wonderful dreams when it’s worn while resting.
  14. You find a tome filled cover to cover with illustrations. Upon reaching chapter 7, you are sucked into its pages!
  15. Once a day this hand mirror creates an hour long illusion upon its viewer, making them appear sickly and shaggy.
  16. You find a leather satchel that is slightly singed. It is enchanted to carry hot coals and retain their heat.
  17. This Leather Muzzle looks like the maw of a grinning Hyena. It distorts the wearer’s voice to a menacing growl.
  18. A mourning Tinkerer has created a life-sized construct in the image of his late wife. At times, it moves on its own.
  19. A Witch has enchanted a closet. When you enter, you find a library containing the full history of every person who has perished by your hand, an entire tome per person.
  20. You discover a pair of runed leather gloves. Twice a day, throwing a foe can send them to an alternate plane.

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