d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 21-40

Got a d20 handy? Have your players already tackled everything you had planned for today’s game? Fret not, O Master of Games and Dungeons, for here is a quick list of other quests to keep your players busy for the rest of the session!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 21-40

  1. Local authorities have arrested a goat. They claim it’s a criminal in a Wild Shape, but it has yet to change back.
  2. The Sheriff has noticed a trend in businesses closing up shop after a family of Gnomes erected their gambling hall.
  3. A sisterhood of Catfolk Clerics are searching for the remnants of an old temple that had been torn apart by Giants.
  4. You are warned to steer clear of the bog lands. Those who venture forth return with festering contagious boils.
  5. A figure claims your father made a deal to bestow power upon you and has come to collect his half of the bargain.
  6. The Bishop is acting erratically. His strangely vulgar behavior has prompted the Clergy to seek out an Exorcist.
  7. A Wizard’s Apprentice is horrified to learn that he was stolen from his aristocratic parents. He wants answers.
  8. Two Teenagers are on the run. They are desperate to escape a cult, but are paranoid of who secretly follows them.
  9. Something’s amiss in this Hamlet. The inhabitants are completely oblivious to Good-natured people.
  10. Deep in the city, you hear of a mob of Golemancers who send their minions out to terrorize and extort their way to power.
  11. That was one helluva bar crawl. You awake in a fountain alongside the guard captain, wearing each other’s clothing.
  12. Smugglers rush out of the county with a clutch of large eggs, leaving behind a distressed eggless Wyvern mother.
  13. The Prince worries over his sister, who claims their late mother visits her nightly and beckons to join her in death.
  14. More and more Halflings keep popping up in the city, claiming to be refugees. The Guards see smoke on the horizon.
  15. A traveling carnival has arrived in town! But who would dare trust a carnival run by the Fae folk?
  16. Winter fades, spring warms the land, an ice prison hiding a Giant Ant Queen melts. She begins her colony in an old farm.
  17. This port is seedier than you remember. A tavern wench nervously reveals that pirates took over the town last month.
  18. You are sent to reclaim an old fortress. Someone snuck Flying Swords into the armory, sparking ghost stories.
  19. Illness is spreading through the kingdom’s farms. A team of Clerics offer help, but are turned away for being Tieflings.
  20. The King is concerned: His men discover a band of Dragon Riders constructing a fort just outside of his kingdom.

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