d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 1-20

Looking for a compilation of ideas to sprinkle into your campaign? Need a sidequest or two to throw at your players? What I have here is a collection of Hooks and Plot Seeds condensed into a d20 list for your convenience!

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d20 #RPHook Plot Seeds : 1-20

  1. The town Hunter is rounding up volunteers to liberate his beloved, who is held captive by a monster in a nearby castle.
  2. Children and smaller races who wander too close to the Black Market are often snatched and put up for sale.
  3. A father searches frantically through an infested town, looking for his young daughter.
  4. Perhaps this garden maze was better left alone. The plants are aggressive, blocking off the paths and closing in!
  5. Drow Clerics have been spotted escorting wagons of slaves down to their underground city.
  6. Sleepwalking townsfolk wander to the church at night, surrounding the building as though guarding it until dawn.
  7. Hearing of your journey across the dunes, Desert Nomads warn you to stay away from any and all craters you find.
  8. It’s said that Jack-o-Lanterns are meant to guide spirits on their way to The Other Side. What if it wants to stay?
  9. A Bard sings of the Merfolk’s lost treasure: the very lyre he plays, putting songs of Sirens to shame.
  10. The key to opening a tomb lies in a music box’s song. One must find and assemble all of its pieces to gain entry.
  11. Be wary of wandering near the gorge: Cannibals have been spotted and like to kidnap travelers.
  12. A Shopkeeper claims a party member conned him, making him buy an overpriced piece of junk. He wants his money back.
  13. The Viceroy is uncertain if foreign trade caravans are being attacked or if they are simply not being sent at all.
  14. An exploration party of Gnomes set out in uncharted territory, seeking new trade partners.
  15. Items are disappearing from some homes only to reappear in others. This has caused tension between the townsfolk.
  16. Arson has become alarming common in this town. The Pyromancer claims innocence, though many point the finger at him.
  17. Out of protest for poor treatment at work, an aristocrat’s head housekeeper has stolen her mistress’s beloved pet!
  18. A Gravekeeper is at his wit’s end trying to rid the graveyard of Tombstone Fairies.
  19. The party is invited to the Duchess’s estate. A party member notices that her staff are strangely meek and pale.
  20. The Cleric’s Deity has trusted the party with a holy artifact. It detects the Deity’s true followers.

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