d20 #Loot Chest : 21-40

There’s nothing quite like finding some intriguing treasure during a harrowing adventure. But what if you can’t decide what sort of treasures to reward your players with? Start rolling that d20! Like the previous list of loot, this one contains item descriptions and an idea of what they can do. It’s up to you, the Dungeon/Game Master to tack on the extra details like stats.

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d20 #RPArtifact Loot : 21-40

  1. You’re lost! Whoever made this map thought it’d be funny to enchant the page so the ink moves and changes the map around.
  2. This traveling Cook’s kit has a small embroidered waterskin. It never seems to run out of Cooking Sherri.
  3. You feel dapper as you don this silk vest! You’re certainly more confident that you can woo whomever you wish!
  4. As you hold this Birch Bead Rosary, you hear the voice of a deity advising you. The deity changes with every use.
  5. Stashed away are half a dozen Crystal Tankards. Etched runes keep any liquid in the tankards chilled.
  6. The blade upon this Glaive has an engraving depicting the crowning of a Centaur King.
  7. Here is a palm-sized clockwork frog. When wound and released, it hops up to eye level and spits out a sharp needle!
  8. Within these glass quail eggs is a sickly-green smoke. If smashed open, a putrid cloud envelops the area 15 around!
  9. Lying on the sands is a Crystal Conch Shell. When put to your ear, you hear the area’s most popular rumors.
  10. Within this smoky glass jar is a quartet of Dancing Lights. When released, they seek out the nearest hidden door.
  11. These adorable earrings look like Glasswing Butterflies. When worn, one can understand Sylvan, yet not speak it.
  12. Blowing on this duck-shaped sailor’s whistle on a foggy shore summons a ghostly longship adorned with a duck’s head.
  13. When opened and held outward, the rune within this pocket mirror unleashes Color Spray.
  14. Hidden behind the canvas is a Wizard’s manifesto! Also, the eyes of this portrait follow you around the room…
  15. A Golemancer has lost his piggy bank. It wanders around and gobbles up unattended loose change. Mind your coinpurse!
  16. You find an enchanted wooden carving of a cricket. It quietly chirps when in the presence of Goblins.
  17. This collar has a peculiar faerie bell, jingling soft music according to its wearer’s mood.
  18. When you awaken, there is a Pooka seated at your feet. She grins widely, offering a sack of her poisonous powder.
  19. On the table is a Wax Tablet, treated so its wax remains soft in the cold. Written down is an Alchemical recipe.
  20. This palm-sized locket hides a crystalline mirror. When opened, the mirror reveals the holder’s dearest memory.

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