d20 #Loot Chest : 1-20

As much as I enjoy a good loot table, simply prattling off a series of numbers and such attached to the gear and knowing exactly what you’re getting simply doesn’t feel very magical to me. Even if you’re playing as a seasoned archeologist or dungeoneer or whatever, it never made much sense for someone to pick up a random shiny on the ground and knowing precisely what it is and what it does, Detect Magic or not. Instead, what I have here is a list of various item descriptions. By all means, add whatever stats to them you feel appropriate. I just find descriptions more fun to play around with and keep a sense of mystique while looting.

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d20 #RPArtifact Loot : 1-20

  1. The previous owner of this War Razor took excellent care of it. Its handle is chased silver.
  2. This pair of silver Flyssas once belonged to a winged princess. Inactive runes are carved into the blades.
  3. You’ve found a peculiar teapot able to hold and dispense two separate liquids as you please.
  4. The jewel in this circlet aids in focusing arcane spells, but it leaves behind an arcane mark upon your brow!
  5. According to the inscription around the base, this ivory chess piece summons a Mephit. Is this part of a set?
  6. This harp is made of whale bone. He who plays it feels compelled to sing laments and elegies.
  7. When one whispers, “Give me my bearings,” to this unassuming marble, a glowing fish appears and swims North.
  8. The Merchant offers a discount on a pair of Cold Iron Daggers. He claims the daggers whisper maddening secrets.
  9. As you adorn this Fur Cloak, you feel a primal urge to spill the blood of your enemies!
  10. This tome illustrates its blank pages with every location it teleports from. Tear out a page to return there.
  11. Strewn across the floor are the unbound pages of a Magus’s spellbook. Its leather cover is ripped apart!
  12. The music from an Enchanted Lyre kept the Storm Dragons at bay. The strings have snapped.
  13. You don’t hear anything when you blow upon this silver whistle, but it has summoned a messenger bird for you.
  14. This delicate choker alters your voice to sound like a stern elder woman. When worn, you are repulsed by filth.
  15. Flash sale in the market for Ioun Stones!
  16. What you thought was a drawstring purse is actually a Mimic seeking affection. Welcome to parenthood!
  17. These sandals have a surprisingly good grip upon wooden surfaces!
  18. You realize too late after adorning these Gauntlets that they are cursed! Still, foes have trouble disarming you.
  19. Crafted by a Dwarf with an iron liver, this decanter doubles the proof of most alcoholic drinks that fills it.
  20. A Knight presents a shield. “Your mother made this for you so she can continue to protect you on your journey.”

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