d20 #NPC Folk : 1-20

It’s easy to forget that an NPC isn’t just a quest marker for the players to interact with. They, like most others in the world, are people with their own habits, culture, occupations, and what have you. I may not be able to bring characters fully to life for you, but I can create a spark of an idea for you to play with. Twenty sparks at a time, to be precise. From there, you can turn the idea into a beloved or most hated character for your players to look forward to interacting with!

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d20 #DnDNPC Folk : 1-20

  1. Deep in the slums of the metropolis, a young Druid creates small Fairy homes in the alleyways for lost Pixies.
  2. The Blacksmith’s eccentric nephew is a Pyromancer who, after falling on hard times, works as an assistant at the forge.
  3. A Harekin visits the Tavern one night a week to run a gambling hall. Some claim he cheats. He claims he has lucky feet.
  4. A Wizard has been creating a variety of Mimics to protect his tower. He’s clearly paranoid of looters and ‘adventurers’.
  5. The Librarian is a Mouseling hoping to become a Wizard. She is occasionally teased for keeping cats around the library.
  6. An Ambassador of the Pixie Kingdom has been sent on a mission to better understand Humans and Humanoid races.
  7. You’ve heard of a pair of twin lads who linger near the docks; Mermen who keep a careful eye out for drowning swimmers.
  8. A bubbly Healer has a supply of enchanted gauze. She’s convinced that bandages heal everything. EVERYTHING.
  9. The General isn’t impressed with the party’s achievements & reputation, but is assigned to work alongside you regardless.
  10. You learn of a mute Human Squire who relies upon his family heirloom, a Singing Sword, to do the talking for him.
  11. A Wizard and her Apprentice provide Living Topiary as a security measure for the local nobility. The Druids are unhappy.
  12. The Duke’s loyal servant is a well-dressed and well-mannered Tengu who takes great pride in his immaculate appearance.
  13. A Sorcerer’s Apprentice may not remember who he or his instructor is, but he remembers being displeased with the party.
  14. The Blacksmith growls, “I’m warning ye, Bard. Keep away from mah daughters if ye wanna keep both o’ yer heads!”
  15. A Halfling Druid makes his living by harvesting & selling rare truffles. His trusty mount, a large Boar, sniffs them out.
  16. Much to your surprise, the shopkeeper isn’t a child-like Halfling, but a Human Child with a talent for crafting wands!
  17. An injured Gnome is found staggering in a ditch alongside the main road. He is paranoid of anyone wielding a dagger.
  18. The arena’s reigning champion is a Gnoll Ranger. She enjoys a challenge, letting her foes pick the arena’s environment.
  19. A Squire seems completely oblivious to his obsession of owls, despite wearing owl embellishments upon his shield & garb.
  20. You finally realize why the Seer hardly leaves her wagon when parked in town: She is, in truth, A Serpentine Lamia!

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