d20 #RPHook Adventuring List: #MerMay Edition!

For MerMay, I decided to go back across my RPHook lists and dig up as many hooks related to Merfolk and other Marine tales and compile them into a single list. As a result, here is a quick d20 list of Marine hooks! (No pun intended.)

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-= d20 Adventure Hooks: MerMay Edition! =-

  1. A quartet of Selachinoids have been keeping an eye on the party from a distance, seeing if you’re causing trouble here.
  2. Merfolk have been frequently patrolling the river, concerned for the sudden spike in corpses appearing in the water.
  3. Following the coastline, you find a merchant with a cart hauling crafts from the Merfolk, selling on their behalf.
  4. A Merman Fighter seeks a smith to create Elven Glass weaponry for his platoon.
  5. Merfolk Beastmasters keep sailors out of their territory by sinking their docked ships.
  6. Twice a week, a group of women coax sailors into intoxication, which directly leads to kidnapping the said sailors.
  7. Merfolk warn the party: Kelpie guard the lagoon that hides the Pirates’ cache of treasure!
  8. There’s tension at the docks. Three rival ship captains accuse each other of stealing their hard tack and other critical supplies!
  9. A saddled Hippocampus is trapped in a lagoon during low tide. Its rider is nowhere to be found.
  10. Sailors are quick to blame shipwrecks on the Merfolk. The Merfolk themselves struggle to find the true cause.
  11. Merfolk frolic in the shallows and are holding a party of Gnome Bards captive!
  12. A young girl sells oysters by the shore. Remarkably, every single oyster has a large pearl within.
  13. While eavesdropping, you hear of a young fishmonger’s spirit who relives his brutal murder nightly.
  14. A Dwarven family gained great fame in the fishing industry. Rivals insist on discrediting them: Merfolk know the truth.
  15. The Merfolk warn Sailors against setting sail until they figure out why the Sea Dragons are suddenly aggressive.
  16. A child insists you help her look for her baby Turtle. That is, her baby Dragon Turtle.
  17. Merfolk Explorers have been reporting their sunken findings to Archeologists on the shore. They require assistance.
  18. Sailors speak of The Ocean Rescuer: a Merman Druid who commands his aquatic familiars to rescue shipwrecked crews.
  19. A Mermaid Beastmaster seeks vengeance upon the fishers and whalers who have captured her sisters with their nets.
  20. Merfolk worry: a Bard has discovered a series of chords with the power to command an entire lagoon of Sea Dragons.

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