What is this place?

Herein lies the scrawlings and other random works of Mishi Sykes, known across the internet since 2001 as ‘Shenorai’.

Among her many hobbies, text role playing over the years greatly inspired Mishi to create many characters such as Shenorai Eterna, Princess Leondra Xanadu, Ashiru Bellark, and countless others. With such fantastic tales being woven and retold over the years, she has finally brought a version of Shenorai, Leondra, and Ashiru to the world of Pathfinder. Roll20.net’s highly customizable features cracked open a new lode of inspiration. As a result, this site has become a gallery of ideas that are open for public use.

The tokens and maps featured here can mostly be found in Mishi’s deviantART Gallery and are absolutely free for use in your campaign. Though requests are welcome, most tokens and maps found here are created as needed.
A slew of ideasĀ  are posted both here and on Twitter @Shenorai, many of them categorized under #RPHook, #RPArtifact, andĀ #DnDNPC listing Plot Hooks, Item Ideas, and NPC Ideas respectively. Recently, a couple new categories have sprung up under #RPSetting and #RPTome, describing a particular setting and summarizing possible books respectively. Those, too, are also up for grabs.
If you like where an idea is going, feel free to flesh it out further and bring it into your own campaign. Naturally, if you wish to receive tweets of the ideas as they come to light, Follow along!

Other random bits of art and snippets of short stories may be featured as well. Naturally, those belong to Mishi Sykes.


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